Eat Move Meditate

Thank you. We LOVE and appreciate all of you.

On August 4, 2018, Ho’ola Mamma and I hosted a celebration to showcase our offerings and inspire movement through yoga, meditation, sound bowl healing, plant-based eats, and soul-vibin’ music for our conscious community of athletes, yogis, and everyone in between looking to lead a more balanced way of life.

Our hearts are filled with so much joy and gratitude! We are still blown away by the amount of love and vibrant energy you all brought to Eat Move Meditate. 

So many thank you's to Dr. Pooch (author, artist) and his family who opened up their beautiful home to all of us, our teachers (Amir, Sunny, and Shakti), vendors and partners, DJ BAE, friends, and family (especially Mama and Papa Madison) who brought this experience to life.

Aside from the boom in the tech industry that tends to pull us away from our true selves, and the increase in gentrification that is reshaping our once familiar neighborhoods, we still have the power to gather as a community, build, grow, and rise together. This is our dream, for YogiAthlete to make yoga, meditation, and (really delicious) plant-based food accessible to communities that need it most. Eat Move Meditate is not only an event, it is a way of life.


Excited to share this life with you.

Amir, of YogiAthlete + Adrienne, of Ho'ola Mamma

Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose is one of the 26 postures you will learn in my class. There was a time when I couldn't wrap my arms around each other, nor my thighs. However, when you stay consistent in your practice, your mind and body will transform and adapt. Eagle pose is the only pose that affects all 14 major joints of the body at once: the shoulder joints, elbows, wrists, hips knees and ankles ( 7 joints on each side of the body).  Eagle also improves blood circulation of the reproductive system, genital organs and kidneys, which improves sexual vitality. Eagle pose perfectly strengthens parts of the lower body such as the  hips and thigh muscles. For the upper parts of the body, eagle strengthens the dorsal oblique muscles, the trapezium and the deltoid muscles. Conscious movement takes great awareness and concentration. For athletes, this can increase the mental focus and functional movement of the limbs.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Athletes that become versatile in their training are the ones that bring longevity in their athletic career. Finding balance in your training as an athlete is the ultimate goal. Efficiency is important, but it is useless unless applied to the right things. Incorporating YogiAthlete in your athletic training is to acknowledge your inefficiencies and eliminate them, and to find your strengths so you can multiply them.

Finding Internal Strength

The picture on the left shows Amir at 210 pounds of pure, hard muscle. After five years of a consistent yoga practice, the focus of his training shifted. "I can be consciously aware of not only how I look on the outside, but more importantly how I look and feel on the inside. I choose to continue to work on internal and mental strength, rather than on superficial gains." Amir is agile, lighter, faster, and more explosive when it comes to athletic training. As an athlete, his training has levitated to another level! 

Healer of Knees

This Posture can be particularly challenging for athletes and those suffering from knee injuries. "Fixed firm" is one of the best postures for your knees. In the beginning, it may be challenging to get into the full expression of the posture. In this first stage, its very important to feel OK with where you are. Know that you are increasing the flexibility in your knees and ankles so that you are able to move to the next stage, leaning back on the floor and arms over the head.

"Believe it or not, I used to be so stiff around my knees that I could only stand on my knees in this pose. The constant pounding on the field from footwork drills and tackling took a toll on my joints. It took me about six months of practicing this pose before I was able to get my head on the floor in the full expression. The most important part was allowing myself to be patient with my process." - Amir, founder of YogiAthlete

Supta- Vajrasana- Fixed Firm Pose

Supta- Vajrasana- Fixed Firm Pose

Body Awareness

Toe Stand (Padangustasana) helps stretch and strengthen your hips, knees and ankles. This pose targets the stomach muscles, as a strong core is needed to balance. All balancing poses take extreme mental focus and can help with mind-body balance. When you finally achieve a solid balance in this pose, you will feel a great sense of mental accomplishment.

Toe Stand-Padangustasana

Toe Stand-Padangustasana

Master Posture

Triangle pose is the master posture of the standing series, this posture helps with the marjor joints of the body. Triangle pose is an intense hip-opener that strengthens the muscles of the legs and increases stability. This posture purifies the body from the inside out as the organs in the hip area (colon, kidneys, reproductive organs) are stimulated in this pose. The twist through the upper body and opening of the shoulders help provide adequate room for the organs in the chest to function properly, bringing elasticity to the lungs. 

Triangle pose feeds the cardiovascular system, especially for athletes. 

Trikanasana: Triangle

Trikanasana: Triangle

Sacred Geometry

First you bend to the right, moving circulation from right to left. Then you bend to the left, reversing the circulation. In the beginning you are struggling just for good form. Over time, as the body improves, you will be able to deepen the posture and therefore move even more blood circulation to each side of the body. When doing this correctly you improve and strengthen every muscle in the body’s core, especially in the abdomen; increase the flexibility of the spine; correct bad posture; promote proper kidney function; and help to cure enlargement of the liver and spleen.  It increases the flexibility and strength of the rectus abdominus, latissmus dorsi, oblique, deltoid and trapezius muscles.  Half Moon also firms and trims the waistline, hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Ardha Chandrasana- Half Moon

Ardha Chandrasana- Half Moon