To inspire and uplift members of the athletic community, to enhance the mind, body, and soul connection through the practice of yoga in a safe environment and sacred space.



Thoroughly work through every muscle, gland, and organ in the body through a set series of static yoga postures for injury prevention and to improve breath control, body alignment, flexibility, strength, and mental clarity. This moving meditation creates a foundation for athletes to enhance body control, agility, speed, and endurance. All athletes will complete fitness assessments to ensure the safety of all participants.



Being born and raised in Los Angeles, Amir has developed a strong interest in serving members of his community and educating others on how to sustain a healthier lifestyle. Amir received a scholarship to play football, is a former professional arena football player, became a personal trainer, and completed his RYT200 Hot Yoga Teacher Training at Hot 8 Yoga in Beverly Hills. Amir understands the importance of strength and conditioning, nutrition, and the interconnection between body and mind. From previous experience with working directly with athletes, Amir has found a significant increase in range of motion, improvement in flexibility, increase in speed, prevention of injuries, and overall enhancement in health, well­being, and mental awareness when yoga was incorporated into the training.